5 Highest Selling Movies of All Time

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Though we have had hit music ever since the start of film industry, there are movies that have billions of dollars worldwide hand have topped the box office as well. Today we are going to look at the five highest selling movies of all time. We will also review the directors of such successful movies and the producers as well.

1. Avatar

The world’s grossing movie of all time is Avatar. The total earnings from the movie as per estimates done recently are around 2.788 billion dollars. The theme of the movie is fantasy sci-fi directed by James Cameron – one of the best directors in the world. The movie stars Zoe Saldana, Sam Worthington and Stephen Lang among others. Released in December 2009, it is still one of the most watched movies to date.

2. Titanic

This is a romantic film released in 1997. It was a big hit and to date is one of the most watched films as well as being very popular with young people. Also produced and directed by James Cameron, it is the second highest grossing film ever. It is estimated that the movie grossed 2.187 billion dollars. The starring actors included Leonardo Di Caprio, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane and Gloria Stuart among others. Titanic has ever been nominated for fourteen awards including the best director and best film. Needless to say, it has won many Oscar awards. Read a full review here.

3. Star Wars; the force awakens

Being the third highest paid film of all time, Star Wars is also rated highest in popularity. The rough estimate of total earnings from this movie is currently at 2.068 billion dollars. Directed by JJ Abrams, the movie was released in December 2015. All his movies that have sold billions of dollars have something in common: they have all been released in December. In fact research shows that most movies released during this month are usually a huge hit. Harrison Ford, Daisey Ridley and John Boyega are among the main stars in the movie.

4. Jurrasic world

Jurrasic world was released in June 2015 and featured big stars including Chris Pratt, Nick Robinson and Bryce Dallas Howard among other super stars. It is a sci-fi thriller that attracted so much viewership across the globe. Rough estimates show that at least 1.670 billion dollars has been raised from the movie.

5. The Avengers

The world’s fifth grossing movie of all time is The Avengers. Released in 2012, this sci-fi movie still attracts new and younger viewers from all over the world. Robert Downey, Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth are the major actors starring in the movie. To date, the movie has grossed 1.519 billion dollars and much more is expected from the movie in future.