Saving Money on Films

Save Money on Films
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Being a movie buff is not always the cheapest of hobbies. True, you don’t really need to buy lots of expensive equipment, but even so, what you do need can add up.

The Television

First and foremost, a television is required. If you love your movies, then no ordinary TV will do. What you need is something with at least a 42 inch screen, but preferably something more like a 55 inch or even up to 77 inch. Imagine Avatar on a 77 inch screen! Those seeking main brands may need to look for voucher codes or special offers to reduce the price. Often, shopping at a supermarket rather than specialist TV shop can ensure that you get a bargain on big brands. Some lesser known brands with a good reputation include Vizio, and TCL. Some of the more well-known brands that tend to offer the best models include Samsung and LG. Take a look at the LG B6 TV which has recently been voted as one of the best TVs for movies. In terms of features, an OLED screen is often best for cinematic colours, definition, contrast and brightness. Other features that may be useful are 4K resolution, and you may wish to opt for a smart TV for streaming movies direct from your online accounts.

Movie Streaming Services

There are so many movie streaming services these days. Doing a little comparison between each one yourself will help you decide which one to go for as this will give you an idea about what movies they have available. Some of the main services include Netflix and Amazon Prime. The bonus of having the Amazon film service is that you also get additional benefits being an Amazon Prime customer. This is a great way to save money overall. If you are into series as well though, which as a film lover, it is more than likely that you will be, then some of the best series may be on one, but not on another. Netflix has top shows such as Stranger Things, House of Cards and Orange is the New Black – which you won’t find on Amazon Prime. In terms of saving money, voucher codes are often available for customers of TalkTalk TV Store (previously blinkbox).

Beware when using some services though, as not all films are available for free. On Amazon Prime, for example, some can be streamed online for free, but others will have a rental fee attached to them. Pay the rental fee and you can either download them in HD or SD, according to how much you have paid.

Film Rental

Gone are the days that you went to the local video shop on a Saturday night, handed over £2.50 and chose from one of the latest releases, took home your video tape, discovered that it hadn’t been rewound properly, and in an attempt to get it back to the start yourself, had your video recorder chew up the tape, rendering it unwatchable. Thankfully! The likes of Blockbuster Video still may have the odd store, but it’s a far cry from its heyday when it had 9000 stores located around the world. There is something to be missed about those wonders into the video shop where you would wander round, examining all the genres and desperately trying to decide which movie would be the most suitable for the evening’s entertainment, but after all is said and done, it is far easier, and much more cost effective to rent films online.

Finding the best value rental service online is not particularly difficult as there are many to choose from. As previously mentioned, if you are a movie lover, and already have Amazon Prime, then you can rent some of the latest titles through their rental option. Other rental services include Apple TV, TalkTalk TV Store, NowTV and Vudu. The benefit of going with the former two is that there are no ongoing fees, and customers can simply pay as they go. Also, as previously mentioned, voucher codes and other special offers may be available. You can find some of the best deals at Fliggo and other similar sites.

DVD and BluRay

It seems a bit old fashioned now (obviously not as old fashioned as video tapes), but buying a copy of the DVD or BluRay is still a preferred option for many. Again, vast savings can be made by waiting for special offers from your favourite stores. HMV, WHSmith and The Hut are great stores for buying low cost films. All three have an online store, so you don’t need to actually physically visit the shop, and this enables you to find the best deals much easier than if you had tried to look for them in store. Just some of the offers available include 3 for 2, buy one and get one free, and voucher codes that simply entitle you to money off your purchase.


The final thing to discuss is how to save money on cinema tickets. Even if you love watching movies at home because this is the best value way to have an evening’s entertainment, going to the cinema every once in a while is a really enjoyable thing to do. It is especially fun when there are a few of you that want to go and see one of the latest films to come out, whether it is a Ricky Gervais comedy, Steven Spielberg epic, or anything else. However, it has to be said that cinema tickets are expensive these days. They have to be – people go to the cinema much less than they used to and the theatres need to cover their costs. That is not to say that you can’t cheat the system just a little. Cinemas such as Vue offer voucher codes online to keep the costs of cinema trips down. Sign up for the Meerkat movies app, and each week you can get a voucher code to use at participating cinemas, giving you two for one on those pricey cinema tickets, and saving you loads of money on cinema trips.


So, there are plenty of ways to save money if you want to stay up to date with your favourite films and movies, whether you want to watch them at home, on a cinema style TV, with perfect surround sound; watch them in bed on your mobile phone or tablet; or watch them at the cinema. If you have any other ways to save money on films, please leave a comment below.