Some of the Best Upcoming Movies 2017

Cars 3 movie
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Below are some of the top movies that are coming out in 2017 and others have already been released. Through the reviews, you will discover some of the popular stars that have featured in the movies. One of the major determinants of whether a movie will be a box office hit or not depends on the actors and actresses.

Some of the 2017 hot movies yet to be released

  1. Cars 3

The release date of this movie has been tentatively been set to be on fourteenth July. The plot revolves around cars. If you love cars and the latest models, particularly on toy cars, you will love the movie. This is basically a 3D computer animated comedy by animation powerhouse Pixar studios. It essentially focuses on racing cars and it is likely to be thrilling, especially considering it has been produced by Pixar, and they do not disappoint.

Who will be starring in this movie?

Owen Wilson

Armie Hammer

Bonnie Hunt

  1. Dunkirk

This is a war film based on a rescue mission of allied soldiers. With the emergency ships that are used in the rescue mission, the action packed movie will keep you thrilled throughout the two hours. It has been directed by Christopher Nolan, who also directed other hit movies such as Batman, dreams, and spaceships.

Release date; 20th July 2017

Stars in the movie

Tom Hardy

Cillian Murphy

Mark Rylance

Kenneth Branagh

  1. Paddington2

One of the best family movies ever was Paddington. It is therefore expected that its sequel, Paddington2 will also be a hit. The film revolves around finding a book that is supposed to be given to Aunt Lucy on her birthday. There is a lot of drama and tense moments throughout the movie. This is one of the hottest family movies this year.

Release date; 10th November 2017


Ben Whishaw

Peter Capaldi

Hugh Grant

Sally Hawkins

  1. Atomic Blonde

Charlize Theron is back on screens starring as a British spy sent to track down an agent in Berlin. This is shortly before the fall of the Berlin wall. The deadly game of spies and how agent Lorraine Broughton (CharlizeTheron) navigates through it will keep you in suspense throughout the movie.

Release date; 11th August 2017



Sofia Boutella

James McAvoy

John Goodman

Toby Jones

These are some of the movies due for release this year. They are likely to be a big hit considering the stars featuring in the movie as well as the directors. This has also been a good year for film when you take into consideration other hit movies released earlier this year.